Blenheim Place


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released April 15, 2013

All music & lyrics by AS IT IS
Produced by Edward Ripley
Logo by Madeleine Bajic



all rights reserved


AS IT IS Brighton, UK

Transatlantic Pop-Punk. We like The Breakfast Club.

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Track Name: Every Year Gets Better
You’re terrified, fighting and flailing at the future
Just back down
All you defy, you can’t escape so make the best of it
The rest of all you have is running out fast
But maybe all it is you need is someone who has been there first and knows their way around

‘Cause you’ve got a cage in the back of your mind
And I’ve got the key that’ll let the birds fly
In this darkened room, with this darkened view
We’ll let the light peer through

I woke up with tired and jaded in the same bed
That I slept in since I was seventeen
I zipped my hoodie up and I, looking through two tired eyes
Showed them out the door that I barricaded shut the week before

When every year gets better, why am I scared?
‘Cause I’m prepared for this and always have been
Track Name: John Hughes
How long’s it been since I was young?
Fifteen years since wooden guns.
Six years since playing board games was anywhere near fun.
And It’d be over-dramatic to say the world forgot about me on its way,
But that’s not always enough to keep cursing the whole of the Earth at bay.

No one knows me like John Hughes did
I think we all relate to that

Because we've all felt unsung from every mouth and every lung
We've all felt that life was easier when we were young

How long’s it been since ‘overwhelmed’ was still a word I couldn't spell
Let alone the most obvious choice for a word to define myself?
I never thought I’d be this young a man to be doubting the cards in these hands.
That jitter and shake half the time from the coffee I drink and rely on to stand

There’ll be days when we lose our way like a feather
But we all live and we die in this cold, cold world together

What are we destined for?
Track Name: Upswing
Another night I spend alone
Dinner for one and TV shows
(You knocked me down)
Set me alight, I'll still feel cold
Subsequent to a life you chose

I'm just a fact you read, I'm in your head then out again
I'm just the skin you shed and want until the winter's end
The corners of your room get your attention more than I do
I tried so fucking hard for you

Another night, it takes its toll
I brace the heartache with my skull
(You knocked me down)
I'm such a mess it's laughable
A foolish boy with no control

I thought you were perfect 'cause I only looked at you close
Like I saw life through a telescope
Then I backed away, saw my potential in everything
I knocked you down on my upswing
Track Name: January
We saw our breath under the streetlights on the coastline
But we were warm with cheap coats on and the glow in our eyes
Anybody with half their mind would’ve kept warm inside
But we’re young and have a point to prove, so let’s do this in style

There’s half a trillion pebbles on Brighton beach
And tonight they are the stage on which we sing
We will all sing

Yeah, it’s freezing outside, but fuck it, we don’t mind

It’s been seven hours since they switched the lights off on the pier
But we’ve been doing alright with the starlight as our chandelier

We met the waves at the edge of the sea
And staring out into the water, we will sing
We will all sing

The bitter cold cuts like a knife on January nights

Nothing has a value when all time is in suspension
So in this moment, we’re historic and rich with good intentions
Track Name: Often
I often think to myself, "Don't let your guard down."
But my fucking useless arms are always tired
I'm worse than I've ever been
I used to find comfort in how everyone's got problems
And it's selfish of me
But I'd rather just be fine

I take precautions like they're bad advice
When I'm lacking ideas
I plan for self-destruction every time
But never pick up the pieces

I'm in constant need of self-validation
And I'm closed to new ideas, yet so impatient

'Cause I can't have everything
And is it too much to be asking for something just once
Can you really blame me
That I want to just feel fine

I don't have anything worth dying for
But at least I'll live longer

Often, I'm not alone, but can't break my stare to back home
Narrow eyes will never know where to go
(Everyday the sun will shine, but gets blocked on every side)